Site Reliability Engineer

Job description

Who we are

OpenCorporates is the largest open database of companies and company data in the world, with in excess of 160 million companies from over 130 jurisdictions. Our primary goal is to make information on companies more usable and more widely available for public benefit, particularly to tackle the use of companies for criminal or anti-social purposes, for example, corruption, money laundering and organised crime.

As a social enterprise, we are unique in this space, not just by advocating for a better, fairer, more transparent world, but also providing the tools and data to achieve that. We have led the world in making open company data a norm, and are an essential resource for journalists, anti-corruption investigators, law enforcement, and the wider business community.

OpenCorporates is a truly unique company, unlike any you’ll come across. Here’s why:

  • Our primary goal is to make the world a better place – working hard to make information on companies more accessible, more visible, more useful, for the public benefit.
  • We’ve bootstrapped our way from 3 million companies to over 135 million over the past 6 years, with a successful, sustainable business model, and are now poised for a major expansion.
  • We work with the world’s leading organisations from Mastercard, PwC, CapitalOne and Factset to Global Witness, Transparency International and the World Bank.
  • Our data is used by leading media organisations around the world to investigate wrong-doing.
  • We have a tangible impact on the world, for the better, being used regularly in anti-corruption investigations, to investigate organised crime and the opaque world of global corporate giants.
  • You can read a lot more on our blog and our about page.

Our Values

  • One team' spirit. We win together, we solve problems together and we have fun doing it.
  • Beat the odds, and change the world for the better. Our mission challenges existing companies power and anti-social interests. We need to win this fight and we will do it by fostering a user-first mindset, obsessively focusing on the delivery of client success and utility.
  • Collaborate, learn and grow. We learn from each other, and strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.
  • Act fearlessly with pride and passion. Our work is hard – and matters. We trust each other to do our best, to innovate and to take pride in our work. And we support each other when we fail.

The role 

OpenCorporates is increasing its platform engineering capacity by recruiting an experienced Site Reliability Engineer to the team. You will be working in close co-operation with our development team, helping to craft and maintain one of today's most exciting open data projects. 



  • Supporting the infrastructure that hosts the OpenCorporates website and associated services.
  • Safeguarding the vitally important data that makes OpenCorporates such a trusted resource, whilst ensuring that data is made freely available to everyone.
  • Sharing responsibility for maintaining the security, performance, stability and efficiency of the infrastructure in its entirety.
  • Working closely with the technical team and with senior management to assess system performance, respond to technical incidents and offer suggestions relating to the company's continual improvement.
  • Improving overall understanding the behaviour of our platform through widespread measurement and analysis, in order to enhance its scalability and performance.
  • Helping the development team to design and build effective and scalable solutions that include the right choices of software, hardware, and cloud services.
  • Writing clearly and accurately, whether to propose changes, to report on project progress, or to ensure that current platform documentation is up to date.
  • Maintaining a strong focus on the availability, performance, security and resilience of the technical systems that underpin OpenCorporates.
  • Working with existing configuration management systems and helping to design the future of our platform orchestration and automation facilities.
  • Participation in an on-call rota for out-of-hours incident response.

Necessary Skills:

The successful candidate will be required to have:

  • A strong Linux system administration background, including Debian and/or Ubuntu.
  • A proven track record in site reliability engineering, covering on-premise servers, cloud services, or both.
  • Experience with the Puppet configuration management system.
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies and the git distributed version control system.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Desirable Technical Skills:

The following is a list of the components from which our platform is composed, so any experience with the following systems will be considered desirable:

  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Nginx and the Passenger application server.
  • MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis and TigerGraph databases.
  • Docker, Apache Mesos and other container based techniques.
  • Performance monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Graphite, Statsd, ELK, and Grafana.
  • DHCP, DNS, TFTP, SMTP and other infrastructure related protocols.
  • Netfilter, Shorewall and general firewall related concepts.
  • Load-balancing techniques and tools such as LVS and HAproxy.
  • Network management, including VPN technologies and network security monitoring.
  • Storage services such as DRBD, RAID, ZFS, NFS, Ceph etc.
  • Cluster technologies such as Corosync and Pacemaker.


  • Competitive salary depending on experience.
  • We offer 26 days holiday (plus public holidays).
  • We will add you to our pension scheme.
  • Are you interested in a conference, training course or book? You'll get a personal learning budget every year.
  • If you want to work remotely sometimes because kids, Amazon deliveries, plumbers, sick cat etc., that's cool.
  • Based at our office in the Old Street/Hoxton/Silicon Roundabout area of London.

Equal opportunities

  • We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability status.

If you require any support with the application process please contact