Job description

We’re looking for an exceptional individual with vision, leadership skills, and the ability to deliver great tech product. As OpenCorporates’ Chief Technology Officer you will:

  • Have responsibility for the full stack development of our products
  • Set our technology agenda, with vision and insight
  • Help us deliver our product roadmap at high quality
  • Identify new opportunities for improvement and innovation
  • Build a truly world-class tech team, both substantially growing our existing team, and creating effective systems and processes to help deliver OpenCorporates' important mission

OpenCorporates' mission is to make public data relating to companies useful and accessible, at volume, at speed, to a level, quality and insight not seen before – so you need to be comfortable dealing with it, handling complex concepts, managing big datasets and understanding data flows. The OpenCorporates architecture also has a variety of components which need to work together seamlessly. You must understand and be able to deal with the challenges this raises.

You will oversee our existing six-person development and tech team, providing guidance and setting standards to enable them to support existing products and build out new features in a robust, scalable way. You’ll also be helping us grow this team, hiring more great developers that believe in our mission to implement the technology strategy you'll be setting.  You’ll have experience of the best working practices and making developer teams more productive.

We’re looking for someone who has a passion for data, who wants to work for an exciting and profitable company with a genuine public-benefit mission, and world-leading trustees to oversee it. You’ll be ready to push boundaries, but understand that building robust, scalable systems requires a clear coherent vision and deliverable plans. You’ll want to identify opportunities to improve what we have and sell your vision to all the business stakeholders, to create truly world-class technologies and tools – from the internal data pipelines to a backend that stores and presents the data in a way that allows insight and analysis.


About OpenCorporates

Our culture is grounded in making a difference in the world by our mission to be the go to place for company data anywhere in the world. This means succeeding and being the best partner for journalists and NGOs all the way to our commercial clients in the financial sector. We are forward thinking, public-mission focused and feel a sense of responsibility to deliver results.


We welcome applications from all backgrounds. You must be entitled to work in the UK as OpenCorporates is currently unable to provide visa sponsorship.


This role is a leadership position and you’ll work closely with our CEO, commercial director and product manager.

You will definitely have:

  • Proven leadership skills, with the ability to build and lead effective technical teams

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, both with technical and non-technical people

  • Excellent planning and strategic skills

  • A passion for dealing with hard technical problems

You’ll most likely have:

  • Experience and enthusiasm of working with big data (databases, data modelling, architecture design etc.)

  • Experience of working in an agile environment, test-driven-development and developing teams to become self-organising

  • Experience leading a team of developers with a range of skills

  • Experience developing and maintaining an API

  • Knowledge and experience of MySQL and Elasticsearch

  • Experience setting technology strategy and making technology selection decisions

  • Familiarity with multiple programming languages (Ruby is our primary language at the moment)

  • Experience of project management and roadmap planning

  • Knowledge, experience and opinions on build and deploy processes

  • Experience working with (and possibly refactoring/rewriting some of) a legacy codebase

  • Knowledge of AWS or other cloud infrastructure service

  • Familiarity with security best practices

  • A willingness to learn and to share your knowledge

  • A willingness to pitch in across the whole organisation

And bonus points if you have any of the following:

  • Knowledge and experience of Ruby

  • Knowledge of graph databases

  • Experience in a small business or start-up, ideally in the DataTech sector

  • Experience of being in a leadership team and driving strategy

  • Experience of developing a coherent and forward-thinking tech strategy

  • Knowledge and experience of performance monitoring

If you don’t tick all the boxes but still think you’d be a great fit, please get in touch.