Head of DevOps / Infrastructure

Job description

About OpenCorporates:

OpenCorporates is the largest open database of companies and company data in the world, with over 200 million companies in 140 jurisdictions. Over 400 clients around the world rely on OpenCorporates data.

We are revolutionising access to company data, and with it genuinely changing the world for the better. Our data is more trusted, more transparent, fresher and depended upon by everyone from investigative journalists and anti-corruption investigators to law enforcement, major banks and FinTech unicorns. We are an innovative, fast growing, scale-up with aggressive goals and a public benefit mission at its core. We have a world-class set of trustees to ensure the long term sustainability of our business model.

The role:

OpenCorporates is expanding the team and is recruiting a Head of Infrastructure to spearhead its migration from on premise infrastructure of physical and virtual machines full tilt into the cloud. This is a greenfield cloud project and we are looking for someone to take full ownership.

This role is integral to the future success of OpenCorporates as we expand our operations in data aggregation and publishing. You will have strong influence on OC’s cloud platform, including our technologies, providers, processes and the team.

Reporting to the CTO, you will be a key member of the tech team. You will also be a key part of the OCTO group (Office of the CTO), an OpenCorporates peer group responsible for distinct domains within the technology sphere.

The main responsibilities of the role includes:

A Leadership & Supervisory Role:

  • The Head of Infrastructure/Devops is a highly prominent role within the business which will, guide, design and implement our cloud strategy

  • You will design, build and operationalise the infrastructure process

  • Good working practices will come naturally to you and you will spearhead them within our engineering groups

  • This is the genesis of the cloud strategy which will require you to educate internally in how to use and design cloud over on premise infrastructure

  • You will build a team to facilitate OC’s growth , as we will run our globally scalable infrastructure around the clock

Cloud Experience

  • Pick a cloud, any cloud, a preference for existing experience in (at least one) AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform we need to select the best cloud for the workloads in hand

  • Our end game is to have a multi cloud platform but the primary focus is on establishing the first one


  • The role is expected to be highly collaborative involving working closely with product, security and development engineers as well as go to market individuals looking to project our story into the market

  • RFI/RFPs are a fact of life and certain TPSM activity will have strong bent towards infrastructure and security, your involvement here will be crucial


The candidate will come from (but not limited to) an infrastructure or DevOps role with working knowledge of both the intended cloud target, but also basic working knowledge of linux based systems and their trimmings.

Our Values

Our values outline the shared principles that define the OpenCorporates culture and team environment. The company values underpin everything we do, whether that's through who we chose to work with (and who we chose not to) to day-to-day decision making, teamwork, supporting our clients and evaluating individual and company performance, the core values are the lens we look through in everything we do. All our employees are driven by our values and use them as a compass to guide their work and collaboration with colleagues and clients.

One Team

We win together. We fail together. And diversity – of backgrounds, of views, of personalities – is a critical asset.

We put Users First

Success will only come if we focus obsessively on the success of our users in everything we do.

Learn & Adapt

There is no straight line to success. We will excel by taking a scientific approach to all our work.

Be Bold

Our work is hard – and matters. We will succeed by being more ambitious, more imaginative and more daring than our competitors.